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Science Knowledge:how To Identify The Quality Of Agricultural Machinery With Good Or Bad

default (31)_副本.jpgScience knowledge: how to identify the quality of agricultural machinery with good or bad


Agricultural machinery quality of oil directly affect the life of agricultural machinery, identification of oil quality can be divided into four steps:

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1, look: see the appearance of oil. Different types of oil have different color appearance. Carefully observe the appearance of the color of oil, the color light hair, mostly light fractions and deep refined oil, deep color, mostly residual oil residue, the degree of refining is not high oil, or heavy fractions of oil The

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2, smell: smell the smell of oil. The smell of oil is generally divided into gasoline ignorant, kerosene, diesel flavor, alcohol flavor, aroma, sour and so on. Add the oil to the additive, with a certain sour taste; alcohol content of oil, with alcohol flavor; light solvent oil, with aromatic flavor.

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3, shake: shake to observe the degree of thick oil. The oil in the colorless glass shaking, and observe the oil film bottle and the bubble generation and disappearance of the phenomenon of speed, you can basically distinguish the different grades of oil. Viscosity of small oil, resulting in more bubbles, rising speed, disappear quickly, hanging bottles less; large viscosity of the oil, resulting in less bubbles, rising speed is slow, disappear also slow, but more oil hanging bottles.

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4, touch: for touch the soft and soft oil conditions and smooth sense. Refined good oil when the mold when the smooth sense of strong, refined oil is not good smooth. Grease and soft and hard degree can be roughly separated from the different grades, the number of small softer, the number of relatively hard.

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